Puppy buyers check this out.  Just take a few minutes to read this before you purchase a new family pet.

Seems everyone is selling Cavalier King Charles Puppies .. BEWARE OF AMERICAN AND IRISH PUPPY MILLERS.
They all say family raised and well socialized...
Remember this puppy will be with you for the many  years... 

Find a breeder you can trust. Someone who has experience and can advise and counsel you for years.
- Get written health guarantees and contracts.
  Get a guarantee  in writting  by seller to take back and re-home Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should something happen and     you cannot keep them   for any reason.  
 -Get AKC papers to register your puppy(limited/full) and pedigree.

"But we just want a cavalier as a pet and don't care if its even registered with AKC!"

Beware of "puppies imported from Ireland" IRELAND !!!
the capital of PUPPY FARMS in EU. Legitimate Foreign registries can be registered in America at AKC... any other club is SOMETHING YOU NEED TO INVESTIGATE. Click on the link below:
Buying a puppy brought in from the "farms in Ireland " inadvertently supports and encourages what they do... 


A quality pet may cost a little more in the beginning but could save you expenses and heartbreak down the road.
An adorable puppy grows into a dog that you will live with for the next 10 to 18 years. "You get what you pay for " or "pay now or pay later". They all have the same theme but are so very true !. Be aware and make choices based on knowledge not impulse. Even if  you have to wait longer  to get your puppy . It's heartbreaking to see people get an adorable new puppy they have paid alot of money for , fall in love and then it turns into a nightmare scenario .They wind up frustrated, disappointed and may spend thousands more dealing with personality or health defects in the end.

Every Cavalier King Charles Spaniel should resemble the AKC standard. Whether it's to be shown or someones' beloved pet. It should be a lovely example and adhere to the breed standard set by the Kennel Club.  There are a lot of Cavaliers out there that don't look anything like  the AKC standard. You should know what a quality Cavalier should act and look like: click on the link below:
AKC web link : 

Socialization is very important for any puppy. The first 8 to 10 weeks forms their personality for the rest of their life!!!. All puppies are of course cute. Lack of personal interaction and unknown trauma may affect their personality negatively forever! Our puppies are born in the  home living area... and stay in the kitchen/living area where people go in and out until they are adopted. It's a lot of work to raise very well socialized baby puppies. We start holding them from the day they are born... watch t.v. every night with a puppy or two in our laps. When they start to get about 5 weeks old I start their potty training . Dusk to dawn we take them in and out at least 10 times a day. But, you know what the puppies are about 90 percent potty trained at 8 to 10 weeks. Some even know how to use the doggy door!!. The new parents couldn't believe the little guys were so smart and almost housebroken.

A crate is for sleeping and a safe place to go. Puppies should never be left alone to get into dangerous stuff when the owners are gone or sleeping. Crates help with the outside potty training process. You can have your baby sleep with you when he/she gets past the teething and 100 percent housebroken   stage. This is for puppies safety , training and your peace of mind.  Every puppy is crate trained before they go to new homes.

Get the type of dog that suits your lifestyle.
Before you decide to get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel make sure you have the time to spend with them. These are absolutely NOT an animal that you can leave home alone or outside for hours and hours every day. They must have companionship.  They were specifically bred to be companions .Cavaliers want to be with you all the time. It sounds silly but they would make great circus dogs. They love any kind of positive attention. Always eager to please. Easy to train and they love to hear applause...
Some cavaliers can make excellent obedience or  agility candidates. 
Remember, Cavaliers do shed  all year round.  

There are lots of purebred breeds and designer dogs to choose from out  there.  Make sure a Cavalier is what you want.